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Every Little Helps!

So I know I’m always waffling on about the damage we are doing to our amazing planet, and frequently posting articles about it on my Facebook page. (

But, I hear you ask ‘What are you actually doing about it?’

Well, now you come to mention it, there are several things I am doing, trying to help in my own small way:

  • I NEVER stick labels on my jars of bath soak, preferring to attach them with natural raffia. This means the glass jars can be easily recycled, or better still, re-used. Maybe filled with Pot Pourri……Balancing Act 1 09-04-2019 14-08-01 3057x2947
  • I no longer apply labels to my plain black paper sales bags as I always include a business card anyway. This means these can also be re-used for other gifts.
  • I package my Soothing Eye Pillows in recycled & recyclable cardboard boxes.Eye Pillows 3 27-07-2019 16-14-51 3240x2794
  • I avoid single-use plastic at all times. However, a couple of months ago I ordered what I thought were glass roll-on bottles – only to find when they arrived that they were plastic! Well, to be honest I loathe waste as much as I do plastic so I took the decision to use them but to make doubly sure next time to get glass ones!
  • I make it my mission to ensure I never use ingredients that will harm the environment or filter into the eco-system.
  • Ingredients I never use:
  • Palm Oil – yes, I know that there is supposedly sustainable palm oil out there BUT I simply prefer not to use it. Too much of the rain forests are being decimated to make room for palm oil plantations, thus wiping out the natural habitat of orangutans and other wildlife. Palm oil is still a common ingredient in many beauty products sadly.
  • SLS – Also known as sodium laureth sulfate or sodium lauryl sulfate, this is the ingredient that makes the lather in your shampoo & the bubbles in your bubble bath. (Unless, like me, you check all labels & refuse to use products containing it!) Palm oil is used in its production too. It can be drying for the skin & often causes irritation but more worryingly, it is a hormone disrupter. And just so you know, it was actually developed during WW2 as……….. an engine degreaser!
  • Parabens – These are still frequently found in many cosmetic items and are used to make products last longer; their chemical properties make them effective preservatives that keep ingredients fresher for longer.  However these chemicals (which include methylparaben, ethylparaben, propylparaben, butylparaben and isobutylparaben, among others) may be harmful to human health by contributing to the development of cancerous tumours.  Parabens also filter into the oceans, and can be found in the tissue structure of our much marine life, including dolphins.
  • Mineral Oil – Often a distillate of petroleum, a definite no-no for me.

Hopefully you will agree that I am doing my small part to safeguard the planet. If everyone did just one small thing we could make such a difference to the world we leave for our children & grandchildren.

Love & light



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