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Almost There………

Well, I have had a productive few weeks – but not necessarily producing what I want to! As I am still saving towards the £139 for my cosmetic safety assessment, somewhat hampered by the loss of my beloved Peugeot 306 and the need to replace it, I thought I would put the time to good use…….

I have developed all my delicious recipes for bath crystals, salts, truffles, creamers & melts and spent today playing ‘go compare’ (without the irritating moustachioed guy!) on all my product ingredients.

Oh, and just to diversify, and because I needed a break – I made a bag! I haven’t had a sewing machine for about 10 years so it was definitely a re-learning curve.

Tomorrow I am going to make up some of my recipes just to make sure they work as I want them to and then, hopefully, assuming no further financial setbacks(!), I will obtain the safety assessment and be ready to roll.

My first bag