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Salting Out Safety!

If you are wondering why it’s taking me so long to get my products to market…… well, before anything ‘cosmetic’ can be legally sold it must first  be tested to ensure that no harm can come to the consumer from it’s use.

Now, I have been making – and using- my own bath salts for some years as I find most  ‘off-the-shelf’ products contain SLS (sodium laurel sulphate) which whilst making lovely bubbles also gives me very itchy skin!

Now when I have a bath I know I can just lie back and relax (and quite often nod off!) but that when I finally get out, looking like a prune(!) at least I wont have irritated skin.

My own products will use only natural ingredients, even natural colours and should be suitable for everbody.

The range will include not only bath salts but fun stuff too; bath bombs, bath melts, creamers & truffles, some bath milks so you can bathe like Cleopatra (without the asp!) and eventually soaps too.

Hope you  are all as excited as I am……..