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When The F**k-You-Up Fairy Pays A Visit!

Just when you think it’s all going swimmingly……… the fuck-you-up fairy decides to call on you!

Yep. All moving along nicely, then…… whoosh! And there’s a pile of debris at your feet.

I do try to have contingency plans but sometimes life throws bricks in your path and you just have to stop, turn around, rethink, and start again.

That’s how it’s been these last few weeks.

But I’m back to my normal(!) positive self and developing lots of new goodies in the Skinkiss kitchen.

They’re not on the website yet but keep checking for my latest make – Shower Gems.

For those of you who no longer have a bath tub these will give you all the same benefits in your daily shower. Bursting with the gorgeous scent of essential oils, you simply place them on the shower floor near the flow and breathe in the wonderful essence.

They should be on the web site by the end of the week.

Till next time

Lesley x


Small Steps

Trying to get used to NOT having my favourite naughty foods but, boy, is it tough or what?!

I keep raiding the cupboards in the forlorn hope that I didn’t scoff it all!

To keep myself busy so I don’t keep thinking about food……….. I’ve been busy developing new ideas in the Skinkiss kitchen.

Ta da!!! Presenting…..Toilet Bombs!

These little cuties are chock-full of antimicrobial essential oils; Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. They smell amazing which is GREAT for killing off odour-causing bacteria in the toilet.

Just throw one in whenever you want (or need!) to. Find them on the web site at just £4 for 15.

Till next time

Lesley x


Happy New Year!

So, how are the diets and detox going?! Or are you still getting rid of all the ‘naughty’ stuff? Have you got clear goals or are you just aiming to get fitter rather than fatter?! Let me know in the comments section.

I’ve started well I think, just need to keep it up now: This morning I had a huge bowl of organic strawberries, raspberries & blueberries with a gluten-free granola bar crumbled over & agave nectar on top. It is very true that a good breakfast stops the mid morning snack grab because I didn’t even realise when it was time for lunch!

This afternoon I am going to use my vibration plate trainer – just 10 minutes to start with – to try & tone up my wobbly bits! I will build up gradually to about 20 minutes daily. This is also good for my osteoporosis so win-win!

I’ve already used my facial steamer & afterwards my skin felt so much softer and cleaner. The only thing I haven’t managed yet is an Epsom Salt bath – sometimes life just gets in the way! 

I did stock up on healthy snacks last week; lots of coconut yoghurts, some organic carrots and plenty of green veggies.

Almost looking forward to getting on the scales!

Let me know how 2018 is going for you so far.

Love & stuff

Lesley x