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2018 – Please Behave!!!

Not impressed with 2018 so far!

Two weeks ago my laptop died. Fine when I closed it down, wouldn’t load Windows when I got up. I lost EVERYTHING. All my files, my labels – everything – which is why I’ve been unable to blog for a bit.

I’ve kept myself busy, making Skinkiss goodies in readiness for our first Craft Fair of the year. (Mind you, they’ve forecast SNOW for Easter – not impressed!)

So here are a few photos of what I’ve been up to. They can all be found at

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In no particular order(!) we have:- Velvety Buttermilk Bliss Bath, Chocolate Orange Lotion Bars, Lime & Ginger Scrubbies, Merry Mandarin Body Scrub, Orange Smoothie Bath Bombs, Perfect Patchouli Bath Bombs and last, but definitely not least, Energising Shower Gems.

Still loads of ideas for things to make so best get a wriggle on!

Till next time

Lesley x