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My Thailand Adventure

So as some of you will know, I’m currently holidaying in Thailand.

It is a much needed break after three frankly horrible years, which actually began after our last holiday!

We returned from Borneo in February 2016 – me with broken ribs & a broken shoulder (don’t ask!), and my partner with a hernia.

Shortly after our return he went into hospital for what should have been simple keyhole surgery. Unfortunately things did not go according to plan & he ended up with life-threatening Sepsis.

He was lucky in that he is a ‘Sepsis Survivor’. However the long-term effects are both devastating & permanent.

Anyway, this is why we decided to take a month-long break (helped financially by family) in the hope of restoring his broken health.

My partner is actually a very experienced traveller having spent the last 45 years globe-trotting so as you can imagine the holiday was planned with meticulous attention to detail!

So, why Thailand? Well for a start the heat is very beneficial for aches & pains – and we both have a fair few! It’s also relatively cheap, especially compared to Europe, and just a short trip away from his beloved Borneo.

When we visited in 2016 I made all my own products to take; Insect Repellent, mosquito spray plus the usual stuff like toothpaste, mouthwash and moisturiser. I didn’t get bitten even once!

This time, however I did a lot of research & invested in a brand recommended by Glynis Barber among others. Called Incognito, the range is 100% natural & includes everything you will need: Spray & Roll-On Insect Repellent, Combined Sun Cream & Insect Repellent (including Factor 30), Aftersun Moisturiser, a Luxury Loofah Soap, Natural Crystal Deodorant and so much more,

For the full range check out

The items I purchased were the Roll-on Insect Repellent (I didn’t get the spray as a few reviews stated that the sprayer was faulty), the combined Sun Cream & Insect Repellent Factor 30, the After Sun Moisturiser, the Luxury Loofah Soap, and the Natural Crystal Deodorant.

I loved the Luxury Loofah Soap; it is so humid here that I often shower 3 times a day and using the loofah is very refreshing. The Natural Crystal Deodorant really does work well – even in these high temperatures – for which I am very grateful!

I have been a bit disappointed in the Roll-on Insect Repellent & The Combined Sun Cream & Insect Repellent – in spite of liberal application I have suffered several bites on both my legs & arms, The After Sun Moisturiser containing avocado, chamomile, and geranium is lovely & very soothing.

The other survival items I brought with me were The Friendly Soap Company Travel Bar for hair & body which you can purchase from my website and Conwy Valley Natural Beauty & Health First Aid Gel (great for those pesky mosquito bites!)

As you can imagine, everything I brought with me was natural as I refuse to compromise in that department!

I apologise for not adding any photos – I am using an old Notebook & cannot seem to get the Bluetooth function to work! Heyho – me & technology do not always get on hahaha.

I promise I will write again WITH photos, on my return to the UK on 15th February, Here’s hoping the snow has gone by then!

Lesley xx