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Going All The Way…… Naturally

I have long believed in living a ‘natural’ life – that is, using as many all-natural products as possible, eating foods without additives, recycling, upcycling, anything that is gentler on ourselves and gentler on our precious planet.

When I started SkinKiss I took the decision that as much as I wanted to emulate the gloriously coloured bath goodies I saw in places like Lush it was never going to be possible using only natural ingredients.

I do occasionally use natural food colouring  but on the whole I prefer to make my products look special with the clever use of botanicals.

Just a touch of natural food colouring

The best nights sleep you’ll ever have

This is one of my favourite SkinKiss products; A Lavender & Clary Sage Bath Fizz.

Just a hint of natural green food colouring and a few lavender buds. Pop one of          these into your evening bath and you will soon find your eyelids

drooping as you drift off to sleep. 🙂

A Sweet Orange scented Bath Bomb – no colour – just a few delicate cornflower and calendula petals and a delicious scent.

No colour, just a delicious scent and cornflower and calendula petals

No colour, just a delicious scent and cornflower and calendula petals

Another of my most popular products is my Rose heart Bath Melt. This is such a simple recipe but so very pretty.

Fragrant Skin Food

Fragrant Skin Food

So you see, you really don’t need all those damaging artificial colours and fragrances – just pure ingredients and a bit of imagination.

Hope you have enjoyed a little stroll through some of my products.

Till next time

Lesley xx