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In Praise of Pets

When I started this post (over a month ago!) my favourite Uncle had just been diagnosed with liver cancer & given weeks to live. I realised that I really wasn’t in the right frame of mind to write.

He has since passed away but I did get to see him before he died, for which I am very grateful.

My sister & I travelled from North Wales to Littlehampton to see him in the hospital.

When I got back home after 4 days away, the cat had missed me & had apparently been searching all over the house, looking for me! Needless to say the first thing I did was rush over to Tink (the cat!) for a much needed cuddle.

Cat Large

And that set me thinking about the wonderful, therapeutic benefits of pets. There is no doubt that they bring a calmness & serenity with them. There I was, crying my eyes out at the news that my Uncle had passed away, and there was Tink, nuzzling up to me, patting me with her paws,  almost nursing me!

Tink 2

Of course, like all cats, she will often totally ignore us! But she also seems to have an empathic sense when things ‘aren’t right’.

Tink 1

She definitely ‘adopted’ us, turned up on our doorstep, skinny & underfed,  and never left. We did find her owner later but they didn’t want her so here she will stay.

And I’m not sorry. She has brought much joy and humour into our lives.

(Incidentally we called her Tink – short for Tinkerbell – because, like the fairy she seems to be able to disappear & reappear at will! Also because neither of us could pronounce her original name!)

Till next time

Love & Light