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So This Is Christmas…….

I know, I know, it’s still only October but let’s face it, the Christmas adverts have already started with a vengeance, all encouraging us to buy, buy, buy!

Maybe it’s my age (very old!) but these days I cynically think of Christmas as ‘over-hyped, overpriced and over in a day’!

So many people go overboard – spending money they can’t afford on gifts for people they barely know or even like, buying too much food and too much ‘stuff’ – much of it plastic and much of it unwanted, unneeded, and wasted.

Naturally my close family & friends have long called me Scrooge and Bah Humbug but, tell me, how ridiculous is it to go into debt to show people how much you love them? Or to visit friends/family that you would normally avoid, if it will endanger your mental health?

The conflict for me is that I do run a business and I do need to sell my products to make money (only to be able to eat, you understand!!).

With this in mind I decided that rather than making things that I would like to receive (we’re all different, okay) I would offer people the chance to buy what they wanted and would then offer a natural bag, basket, or pouch to put their presents in. I will also gladly attach a Christmas Gift Tag for FREE.

I have also kept the minimum order to qualify as reasonable as possible – just £15 – as I’m sure this year is likely to be a difficult one for a lot of us.

As for me, all the gifts I give will be either made by me ( like my Winters’ Geode Bath Bombs shown above) or purchased from other small local businesses.

In this way I a) save money, b) help other small businesses, and c) significantly reduce my carbon footprint.

I will NOT be buying from major companies, most especially those ones that do not pay their fair share of tax. (Are you listening Amazon?!)

I do hope you will visit and take a look at what I have to offer.

love & stuff

Lesley x

Why Natural Matters To Me

Those of you who follow my Facebook page, will know that I am PASSIONATE about using natural products in and on my body whilst also protecting our planet.

I thought it was about time  I told you how I ended up on this journey;

I was diagnosed, aged 44, with an under-active thyroid.

“There you go, take these Levothyroxine tablets for the rest of your life” said my Dr.

And that was pretty much it!

Well, I plodded on, taking my tablets & not really feeling much better. The dose had to be raised twice & still I felt rubbish.

So I joined a Thyroid group on Facebook & started to learn………

I learned that Levothyroxine is foisted on EVERYBODY with this condition. Now, firstly, one size most definitely does NOT fit all. Secondly, I discovered that Levo (we’ll just stick with that – easier for me to type ) contains lactose and – guess what – I’m highly lactose intolerant. No wonder I still felt like s**t. Oh, and thirdly that delightful little tablet causes bone-thinning with prolonged use. Now pardon me if I sound appalled BUT since, once you are diagnosed you are on these for LIFE, how is that not going to constitute ‘prolonged use’? And why don’t they tell you this when they prescribe them.

I also learned that there are 2 types of UAT (Under active thyroid.) The first is exactly as it says – an under-active thyroid. The second type is a bag of worms to be honest; it’s an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s. BUT when they do the original test they don’t bother checking whether you also have the autoimmune antibodies and, believe me, this makes it a whole new ball game.

So, a year after first being diagnosed, I marched in to my Dr, armed with all this information & demanded they do the test for antibodies – and sure enough, there the little blighters were, nibbling away at my poor thyroid.

At this point I also mentioned the lactose AND the osteoporosis problems. Quite sure my Dr couldn’t wait to get rid of me, after all, how dare I question the way things have always been done!

Anyway, fast forward to 2013 & after struggling to get lactose-free Levo I insisted they put me on Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT) and they agreed. Things started to improve……

The thing with Hashimotos is that it starts in the gut where it causes ‘leaky gut’ – a fairly unpleasant experience involving long periods spend in the bathroom! TMI, I know. It is also very difficult to properly treat since, as with any autoimmune disease, there are always going to be occasional flare-ups.

Well, this downturn in my health started me looking at what I was actually putting INTO my body. Something had to change & gluten was the first to go. The reason gluten seems to be a problem for those with Hashis (another typing shortcut!) is that the gluten molecule strongly resembles the thyroid molecules and our poor bodies get confused. Symptoms eased & I carried on with my journey. I will always be on this journey as it takes very little to cause a setback ( stress is a biggie) but I am determined to regain as much of my health as I can.

When people say ‘we are what we eat’ they are pretty much right. So these days there are no processed foods in my life, no fast food, and definitely no junk food. And, boy, did I used to enjoy KFC, dammit.



Making Moonlight Magic!

My Logo

The working title for this blog post was “Help! What Shall I Write?!” which pretty much sums up how my brain is feeling at the moment!

After what feels like a month (actually only 2 weeks!) of making new products, sorting out packaging, finalising my table display, I THINK I may just be ready for the

Moonlight Magic Craft And Holistic Wellbeing Fayre Llanrwst

on Sunday 23rd September in Glasdir Business & Conference Centre, Llanrwst.

I am really quite excited about this event.

Seven years ago I attended a course in Glasdir for women with work-limiting health conditions.

At that time I hadn’t managed to get my Hashimoto’s Thyroiditis under control & was also suffering ridiculous levels of pain, especially in my back. I hadn’t been able to hold down a job due to prolonged absences.

The course gave me the confidence to start my own business & Skinkiss was born. I am so grateful to Penny Matthews, the course tutor, who inspired me so much and made me believe this was something I could really do.

Fast-forward to 2018 and Skinkiss is going from strength to strength. I love to develop new products & see how they work. I have a bathroom full of ‘testers’ because I believe that I should be the ‘guinea pig’! If I don’t like them they don’t make it onto the website!

So, a few of my latest makes which will be available on Sunday, and also on my website:

This slideshow requires JavaScript.

Hope to see lots of you there. There will also be Gift Baskets – ideal Christmas pressies.

Living Life Naturally





She Sells Seashells…….

New Skinkiss Logo

I’ve been using my time away from regular craft fairs to do a bit of experimenting – or playing – as my partner calls it!.

Firstly I got hold of some delightful new moulds – all shaped like various shells.

Then I did some searching for a way to add natural colour to my bath bombs without compromising my ethics.

And………. a big welcome to natural cranberry seed powder; a delicious pink colour that blends in really well. 

The results were everything that I hoped for and I hope they will be very popular on the web site,

BB Shells 3 16-12-2017 16-30-25

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Love & light

Lesley x

New Skinkiss Logo

Well, I.m back from my travels and the Celtic Christmas Fayre in Mold was very successful.

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And because I had such a great time I am offering a FREE gift with the first FIVE orders over £10 on my web site;

Get in there!

See you on the web site soon I hope.

Lesley x

And……………..I did it!

New Skinkiss Logo

My web site is now up & running and I’m really pleased with it. Many thanks to my friends, John & Nikki Mitchel for all their hard work – it has been well worth it.

I am still adding products on a daily basis,  however I now have a big craft fair to do; the Celtic Christmas Fayre in Mold town centre from 29th November until 3rd December.

I still have several new products to make & add when I return so keep checking. There may just be something you like or would love to give as a Christmas gift.

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Pop over and take a look:-

Naturally yours

Lesley x

A (Nearly) Halloween Horror Story!

Having spent the last few years gradually changing over to more natural products for my face & body has meant reading a LOT of ingredient labels!

I thought I had rid my shelves of all the ‘nasties’ but yesterday I found a bottle lurking at the back………

It looked innocuous enough. I mean what could possibly be bad in Glycerin and Rosewater?

Well I have to tell you that this bottle came from a well-known high street shop but when I read the ingredients list I was truly horrified.

Since when did simple Glycerin and Rosewater require the addition of Methylparaben?!

Needless to say it’s now been relegated to the dustbin but the lesson here is: ALWAYS CHECK THE INGREDIENTS LABEL!

Lesley x

Back In Business

After a difficult few years Skin Kiss is back!

Back making natural bath goodies & thoroughly enjoying it. I’m just waiting for my web site to be finished then it’s all systems go.

I will still be using only natural and – where possible – organic ingredients in all my products. I have so many fantastic new ideas I could do with a few more hours in each day!

I am concentrating on bath bombs to start with as I have some scrumptious recipes I have developed and am just dying to try.

I will still be making my popular Lavender & Clary Sage Bath Fizzers as well.

Bath Fizzers

Along with these:

Can’t wait!

Look out for updates on my Facebook page :-

Love and light

Lesley x

Loving My Lips

I recently bought a previous month’s Love Lula box, wanting to try a couple of the products in there.

For anyone not familiar with Love Lula their web site is full of the best organic and natural beauty products from well over a hundred different brands.

I loved it all but in particular I want to sing the praises of the Bellapierre Kiss Proof Lip Creme in Coral Stone.

As a woman of more mature years(!) I obviously have a few – okay, a lot – of those fine lines that appear around the lip line. I find that many lipsticks ‘leak’ but this lip creme is amazing.

I put it on in the morning and it is still there at the end of the day. No leaking and the colour stays true.

The colour is not one I would normally choose for myself but it actually looks really good on me.

I would definitely buy this again.