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Hooked On Natural Skin Care

Those who know me well will also know that I believe that what we put on our face & body goes into our body. so I am particularly careful to make sure I use only the good stuff!

All my skin care & make-up is natural, vegan & where possible, organic. I still like to make a lot of things for myself like toothpaste, mouthwash & even shampoo. But sometimes it’s nice to let somebody else do the work!

I have recently discovered a company called Laid Bare. Their products are effective and very affordable. I discovered them on and am so happy I did! So last Tuesday I ordered 4 items from their extensive range.

Laid Bare 1 04-10-2017 14-23-14

After scaring the postman as I leapt out the door for my Love Lula delivery……………….. I got all my lovely Laid Bare products.
When I woke yesterday the bags under my eyes were awful (I’d had a long tiring day on Tuesday) so I started with Pack your Bags.
After just 10 minutes my bags were greatly reduced so I’m very impressed.
I have now tried all the products I bought and my skin feels deliciously soft, my bags are definitely reduced and my lines seem to be less noticeable too.
All in all I am extremely impressed with this brand as it is effective but also very affordable.

Why not pop over to Love Lula and take a look.

Naturally yours

Lesley x