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Why Natural Matters To Me

Those of you who follow my Facebook page, will know that I am PASSIONATE about using natural products in and on my body whilst also protecting our planet.

I thought it was about time  I told you how I ended up on this journey;

I was diagnosed, aged 44, with an under-active thyroid.

“There you go, take these Levothyroxine tablets for the rest of your life” said my Dr.

And that was pretty much it!

Well, I plodded on, taking my tablets & not really feeling much better. The dose had to be raised twice & still I felt rubbish.

So I joined a Thyroid group on Facebook & started to learn………

I learned that Levothyroxine is foisted on EVERYBODY with this condition. Now, firstly, one size most definitely does NOT fit all. Secondly, I discovered that Levo (we’ll just stick with that – easier for me to type ) contains lactose and – guess what – I’m highly lactose intolerant. No wonder I still felt like s**t. Oh, and thirdly that delightful little tablet causes bone-thinning with prolonged use. Now pardon me if I sound appalled BUT since, once you are diagnosed you are on these for LIFE, how is that not going to constitute ‘prolonged use’? And why don’t they tell you this when they prescribe them.

I also learned that there are 2 types of UAT (Under active thyroid.) The first is exactly as it says – an under-active thyroid. The second type is a bag of worms to be honest; it’s an autoimmune disease called Hashimoto’s. BUT when they do the original test they don’t bother checking whether you also have the autoimmune antibodies and, believe me, this makes it a whole new ball game.

So, a year after first being diagnosed, I marched in to my Dr, armed with all this information & demanded they do the test for antibodies – and sure enough, there the little blighters were, nibbling away at my poor thyroid.

At this point I also mentioned the lactose AND the osteoporosis problems. Quite sure my Dr couldn’t wait to get rid of me, after all, how dare I question the way things have always been done!

Anyway, fast forward to 2013 & after struggling to get lactose-free Levo I insisted they put me on Natural Dessicated Thyroid (NDT) and they agreed. Things started to improve……

The thing with Hashimotos is that it starts in the gut where it causes ‘leaky gut’ – a fairly unpleasant experience involving long periods spend in the bathroom! TMI, I know. It is also very difficult to properly treat since, as with any autoimmune disease, there are always going to be occasional flare-ups.

Well, this downturn in my health started me looking at what I was actually putting INTO my body. Something had to change & gluten was the first to go. The reason gluten seems to be a problem for those with Hashis (another typing shortcut!) is that the gluten molecule strongly resembles the thyroid molecules and our poor bodies get confused. Symptoms eased & I carried on with my journey. I will always be on this journey as it takes very little to cause a setback ( stress is a biggie) but I am determined to regain as much of my health as I can.

When people say ‘we are what we eat’ they are pretty much right. So these days there are no processed foods in my life, no fast food, and definitely no junk food. And, boy, did I used to enjoy KFC, dammit.