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It definitely seems to take me longer to recover from the craft fairs these days! Finish on a Sunday & I may just be back to ‘normal’ by Wednesday haha.

We generally have about a month between events which is plenty of time for me to replace sold stock & come up with a few new ideas too.

This time though it’s only THREE weeks until our last fair of 2018 – Mold Town Centre 28th November to 2nd December – so I need to get my skates on, especially as I am also attending the Mothers In Business Association meeting on the 19th!

Mold Xmas for Facbook 9.10.18

So what gifts are you all looking to buy this Christmas? I am making a determined effort to support small local businesses this year so that my money goes to help other people like myself.

If we all made the effort to buy hand-made it could make so much difference to the local economy. After all, we aren’t going to be squirrelling away what we earn in off-shore accounts to avoid paying tax, but instead will be using it to buy gifts for our own loved ones.

There are so many talented people out there and a unique gift is always so much more special that a mass-produced piece of plastic!

Come and see some of our fabulously talented crafters in Mold & I’m sure you won’t be disappointed.

I’m off to make a new batch of bath salts now.

Love & Light



Why You Should Buy From Small Businesses

New Skinkiss Logo

In these challenging economic times it is even more important to support your local small businesses. Whilst the high street giants can generally weather the storm, for a small business your purchase could mean the difference between survival & going bust.

Every hand made item has been made with love, care,  & thought – rather than run off the assembly line.

For small businesses it’s not even all about profit: it’s about making a customer happy, giving them a unique & special gift for their child, uncle, aunt etc, knowing that they will appreciate the work that has gone into making it. Yes, hand made items are often a bit more expensive but they are SO worth it. Their uniqueness alone makes them so.

And then of course, there’s the stark reality for small business owners of needing to pay bills & feed families – just like everyone else does.

So, please, when you’re looking around for that special Christmas gift for Auntie Flo, take a look at all the wonderful products out there from small independent businesses like mine, and choose something really special for her.

Happy hunting

Lesley x