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Making The Most Of Making

It’s been a bit of a strange start to 2019 for me;

I had a lovely, relaxing holiday with my partner, got back mid-February, raring to get back to making my Skinkiss bath & body goodies, with simply loads of new ideas running rings around my brain…….. and then realised that Easter is VERY late this year…….and just sort of relaxed & forgot about it all & enjoyed the glorious weather we had for a couple of weeks!

So, here we are, nearly the end of March & I’m now rushing about like a mad thing, trying to get everything made & labelled in time for our first fair on Conwy Harbour 18th to 22nd April!

About a week ago (!) I finally got off my bum & made a start.

First off the production line (as if!) was a new bath soak blend I’ve called New Beginnings (I vaguely considered calling it Brexit Bath Soak – new beginnings and all that haha).

Full of amazingly beneficial salts, essential oils & flower petals it’s now available on the website in 3 sizes.

Glass Heart Jar £15
Wooden Tub & Scoop £7.50
Small Hexagonal Jar £5

I really enjoyed designing this blend, it is just SO good.

Next up I decided to have a bit of fun & made some cute little cupcake bath bombs – they come either individually or a box of 3 so ideal for a gift.

So that’s what I’ve been up to so far. I’ve also made a Gardeners’ Hand Scrub & several body scrubs. No photos yet but soon I promise.

Back to the Skinkiss kitchen now.


Lesley x