Living Life Naturally

Getting In A Lather!

Well, my life is full of surprises! Mostly I make bath bombs, bath salts, bath melts & body scrubs plus a few ‘off the wall’ bits like my Toilet Bombs! And I LOVE what I do.

But recently I was asked to make a shower gel for men! Never made shower gel in my life, nor do I specialise in men’s bath goodies, so this was going to be a real challenge.

And I do enjoy a challenge so I did a lot of research, knowing that an all-natural shower gel would likely not resemble anything that you find in the shops (or even online for that matter).

It took me a few weeks to get a result I was happy with but it’s finally done. The blend of Cedarwood, Juniper, Pine, Grapefruit and Lemongrass essential oils smells lovely. The texture is not thick like shop-bought but lathers up very nicely thank you!

Mixing bowl & Jug 01-02-2018 15-43-44

Overall I am feeling quite pleased that I rose to yet another challenge. On to the next one now!

Lesley x



Just when you think it’s all going swimmingly……… the fuck-you-up fairy decides to call on you!

Yep. All moving along nicely, then…… whoosh! And there’s a pile of debris at your feet.

I do try to have contingency plans but sometimes life throws bricks in your path and you just have to stop, turn around, rethink, and start again.

That’s how it’s been these last few weeks.

But I’m back to my normal(!) positive self and developing lots of new goodies in the Skinkiss kitchen.

They’re not on the website yet but keep checking for my latest make – Shower Gems.

For those of you who no longer have a bath tub these will give you all the same benefits in your daily shower. Bursting with the gorgeous scent of essential oils, you simply place them on the shower floor near the flow and breathe in the wonderful essence.

They should be on the web site by the end of the week.

Till next time

Lesley x


Small Steps

Trying to get used to NOT having my favourite naughty foods but, boy, is it tough or what?!

I keep raiding the cupboards in the forlorn hope that I didn’t scoff it all!

To keep myself busy so I don’t keep thinking about food……….. I’ve been busy developing new ideas in the Skinkiss kitchen.

Ta da!!! Presenting…..Toilet Bombs!

These little cuties are chock-full of antimicrobial essential oils; Lemon, Lavender, and Peppermint. They smell amazing which is GREAT for killing off odour-causing bacteria in the toilet.

Just throw one in whenever you want (or need!) to. Find them on the web site at just £4 for 15.

Till next time

Lesley x


Happy New Year!

So, how are the diets and detox going?! Or are you still getting rid of all the ‘naughty’ stuff? Have you got clear goals or are you just aiming to get fitter rather than fatter?! Let me know in the comments section.

I’ve started well I think, just need to keep it up now: This morning I had a huge bowl of organic strawberries, raspberries & blueberries with a gluten-free granola bar crumbled over & agave nectar on top. It is very true that a good breakfast stops the mid morning snack grab because I didn’t even realise when it was time for lunch!

This afternoon I am going to use my vibration plate trainer – just 10 minutes to start with – to try & tone up my wobbly bits! I will build up gradually to about 20 minutes daily. This is also good for my osteoporosis so win-win!

I’ve already used my facial steamer & afterwards my skin felt so much softer and cleaner. The only thing I haven’t managed yet is an Epsom Salt bath – sometimes life just gets in the way! 

I did stock up on healthy snacks last week; lots of coconut yoghurts, some organic carrots and plenty of green veggies.

Almost looking forward to getting on the scales!

Let me know how 2018 is going for you so far.

Love & stuff

Lesley x



And It’s All Over Now!

New Skinkiss Logo

Hoping you all had an excellent Christmas & that Santa was kind to you!

But now the New year is almost upon us, it’s time to reflect on how we can treat our bodies a bit better in 2018. And that means that it’s time……….

Time to get rid of those extra pounds gained over Christmas, time to detox your poor body after the gluttonous excesses! (What, me, gluttonous?!)

Yep, even us gluten-frees get to pig out at Christmas with GF mince pies, GF Christmas cake, not to mention GF stuffing!

When I checked the scales today I had mysteriously managed to gain 3lb – aaargh!

Plus a number of horrid spots – I hate having spots – makes me feel like an acne-prone teenager again.

How I Am Planning To Do This

  • Get shot of all the ‘naughty’ foods in the house! (I guess I’ll just have to eat them!)
  • Buy a supply of healthy snacks like coconut yoghurts, raw organic carrots etc
  • Take an Epsom Salt bath daily; Epsom Salt draws toxins from the body and relieves muscle aches and pains. I be using my home made Skinkiss bath bombs which contain this amazing ingredient, along with beautifully scented essential oils.
  • Treat my face to some steaming using essential oils to clear my pores.
  • And lastly….. get on my vibration plate trainer and tone up my bits!

I’ll let you know how it goes and if you would like to try some bath bombs with Epsom Salt check out my web site or my Etsy shop; Skinkissbathbombs.

Till 2018

Lesley x





Hello Etsy!

New Skinkiss Logo

You can now find Skinkiss on Etsy!

I rarely rush things (!) but thought it was about time so here I am.

So many new products I REALLY want to make but I suspect the other half will be less than happy if I spend Christmas making bath goodies so I will be taking a small break VERY small!)

Meanwhile check out my Etsy shop & let me know what you think.

See you soon

Lesley x

She Sells Seashells…….

New Skinkiss Logo

I’ve been using my time away from regular craft fairs to do a bit of experimenting – or playing – as my partner calls it!.

Firstly I got hold of some delightful new moulds – all shaped like various shells.

Then I did some searching for a way to add natural colour to my bath bombs without compromising my ethics.

And………. a big welcome to natural cranberry seed powder; a delicious pink colour that blends in really well. 

The results were everything that I hoped for and I hope they will be very popular on the web site,

BB Shells 3 16-12-2017 16-30-25

Let me know what you think in the comments.

Love & light

Lesley x

Making Christmas

New Skinkiss Logo

I’m guessing that by now most of you will have Christmas sorted.

I have too – but – I have been nowhere near any shops!

All my gifts this year are home made – mostly bath goodies like bath bombs, bath salts and melts.

With my partner being unwell for most of 2017 it has been a tough year financially. We had already taken the decision not to buy for each other but then what do you do about the rest of your family?

Luckily my granddaughter adores bath bombs so I made some very special ones just for her. My Mum loves baths so bath salts seemed ideal. And my aunty also loves to bathe. Sorted!

Of course I do have the advantage of making all these things for a living……..

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Check out my bath goodies at

Here’s to 2018!

Best wishes for Christmas and a Happy New Year to you all.

Lesley x

New Skinkiss Logo

In these challenging economic times it is even more important to support your local small businesses. Whilst the high street giants can generally weather the storm, for a small business your purchase could mean the difference between survival & going bust.

Every hand made item has been made with love, care,  & thought – rather than run off the assembly line.

For small businesses it’s not even all about profit: it’s about making a customer happy, giving them a unique & special gift for their child, uncle, aunt etc, knowing that they will appreciate the work that has gone into making it. Yes, hand made items are often a bit more expensive but they are SO worth it. Their uniqueness alone makes them so.

And then of course, there’s the stark reality for small business owners of needing to pay bills & feed families – just like everyone else does.

So, please, when you’re looking around for that special Christmas gift for Auntie Flo, take a look at all the wonderful products out there from small independent businesses like mine, and choose something really special for her.

Happy hunting

Lesley x

New Skinkiss Logo

Well, I.m back from my travels and the Celtic Christmas Fayre in Mold was very successful.

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And because I had such a great time I am offering a FREE gift with the first FIVE orders over £10 on my web site;

Get in there!

See you on the web site soon I hope.

Lesley x