Living Life Naturally

Sometimes things just don’t seem to go according to Plan A……….. or Plan B………… or even Plan C!

Since the EU came up with the brilliant idea of EVEN MORE red tape for those of us in the Cosmetics business things have been tougher than I would like. 😦

After two weeks I am STILL awaiting validation so that I can upload my SkinKiss products to the new all-singing, all-dancing Cosmetic Product Notification Portal. Now maybe that doesn’t sound like too much of a problem………… but for me it is; I cannot legally continue to sell my bath and shower products until this is done……. which means I can do no Craft Fairs, cannot sell through my Facebook shop, in fact I have no means of producing an income.

I completely understand the need for all cosmetic products to be regulated but this, surely, was what the Cosmetic Safety Assessment was intended for. All of us in this business will have paid for one of these at the very least, some people will have paid for several, depending on what they produce and where they purchased from.

This additional bureaucratic red tape has caused many to rethink remaining in business – myself included.

After a very enjoyable first year in business, during which I made many new friends who also became customers, it is disappointing to think that I may have to give up.

So for the time being there will sadly be no more new SkinKiss products, but as I cannot bear the thought of being idle I have decided to resurrect my sewing machine and produce a few bits and pieces on that instead.

Like I said – when life gives you lemons…………..

Till next time

Lesley xx

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