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Billing and Cooing!

WAHEY!!! My energy company may be billing BUT it’s ME that’s cooing!

Three months ago when I received my last gas and electric bills I was horrified to see that they intended to increase my monthly electricity direct debit. Okay so they were reducing the gas one but it was still a nasty shock.

Time to take evasive action:

  • I replaced my electric kettle with an old-fashioned whistling one for the hob. My significant other is a real tea-belly and the kettle would be going constantly throughout the day
  • I Freegled an oldish freezer that was never fully utilised. It went to a disabled lady whose own had packed up
  • I got rid of my electric alarm clock – my phone has an alarm and that does just fine
  • I use remaining hot water from the kettle to do the washing up and now only do it once a day
  • We soak our washing by hand and only use the washing machine for a fast spin

And the result?

Electricity now in credit by a whopping £58 and gas still in credit by £19. 🙂

I know we’re in the summer months but believe me I am determined to maintain progress.

Hoping I have inspired you

Lesley xx

Comments on: "Billing and Cooing!" (2)

  1. wow! That’s amazing! x

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