Living Life Naturally

Hi All

Been a while since I last blogged – again! Christmas and all that stuff…….

Anyway, New Year, New Start, New Business.

Skin Kiss, in all its wonderfulness, should be fully up and running very soon.

I have a small favour to ask of my Facebook friends and twitter followers…….

Just 4 easy questions but your answers would be of immense help to me;

Q1. Bath (B) or Shower (S) or Both (BS)

Q2, Bubble bath (BB), Bath salts (BS), Bath bombs (BM) or Other (O)

Q3, Any skin allergies or sensitivities? (Y) or (N)

Q4 Do you use soap (Y) or (N)

Salts, Soaps & Bombs

Comments on: "SkinKiss – Natural Bathtime Bliss" (3)

  1. Hi there
    Q1 – BS
    Q2 – Bubble Bath
    Q3 – Y
    Q4 – Y
    Hope that helps
    C x

  2. tried doing it lesley but wont let me x

  3. Hi there
    Q1 – BS
    Q2 – BB
    Q3 – N
    Q4 – N

    Good luck I will pass this on via Twitter!

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