Living Life Naturally

It Takes All Salts…..

I have always loved salt…. on my food.

In my opinion chips simply cannot be eaten without it  and tomatoes are unpalatable unless sprinkled liberally with the glorious white stuff.

But as we all now know – because we are forever being lectured about it – too much is apparently very bad for you, causing any number of dreadful ailments but most especially, high blood pressure.

Never mind – I have found somewhere I can use as much salt as I like with absolutely no damage to my well-being whatsoever.

In fact it does me the power of good; exfoliating my skin till it is as soft as a baby’s, cleansing cuts, healing blisters and bruises, and relaxing the body so it is ready for sleep.  

Nothing can be as relaxing as a hot bath full of lavender scented bath salts.

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